What is it? How is it achieved? How is it measured? Can I be successful?


We ask ourselves these questions every day. For many, success is simply the idea of achieving ones dreams or goals.


In the process, we face obstacles, ups and downs, all of which can either make or break us. When the path doesn’t look so bright and clear anymore, we question whether we are actually progressing towards this thing called success.


The fear of not knowing what's ahead or if we can ever achieve the success that’s defined in our minds. When we question ourselves through the voices in our head, we can either allow it to consume us or define us.


That’s where the idea of "I'm Made For More" stemmed.


For as long as I can remember, I've had big ambitions. 

Always demanding more from myself in order to become successful in this game called life. 


In what industry? And how?

Well, that was the million dollar question I waited to ask myself only one quarter prior to graduating college.

Before that, I was going through the motions. 

Doing what others told me to major in, what company to take a job with, and who I should become. 

But deep down I knew that working as a software engineer wouldn't be my destiny. 

I felt lost.  

Sharing my frustration with a friend, he recommended I pick up a copy of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad. 

To say that book changed my life is an understatement. 

It shifted my perspective and opened my eyes to marketing, sales, management, and a life beyond the cubicle.

I immediately thought about areas to improve on and my communication skills were on top of the list. 

That was when I made the decision to reject an offer at a prestigious consulting firm, take a near 50% pay-cut, and take on a role with a SaaS company as an inside sales rep. 

A few weeks into the new role, hundreds of failed & awkward calls with prospects, being on the list of the lowest performing reps on the floor, and feeling like a complete fail, I was ready to give up. 

​After an awkward meeting with my manager at the time, and nearly being put on a performance plan, I made a promise to myself that I would get it together.

I fully committed and began seeking ways to improve my craft, studying every sales, psychology, and leadership book I can get my hands on.

The books and the hours of listening to motivational speakers really helped, but my greatest transformation came from a mentor. ​

Learning about what's worked for them first hand and what made them great at their craft rubbed off on me.

Fast forward 10 months, and I was the first rep in the company's history to be promoted directly into a division of the business that reps otherwise work their way up to and was among the top performing reps.  

On paper, I was thriving. 

I was performing well, building the right relationships, and advancing in my career. 


But still, I felt like I could do more and be more. 

I decided to quit my day job and create I'm Made For More podcast with the goal of sharing the inspiring journeys of today's top entrepreneurs and uncover what drives them, what makes them extraordinary, and how they got there.

By doing so, I wish to be the friend that recommended the book to me a few years ago and inspired me to pursue my dreams. 

I hope that you will join and follow this crazy journey with me!

Much Love,



"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."  - Albert Einstein


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