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Can Introverts Build a Powerful Network?

Billionaire Steve Ballmer (left), Ennis Dakhil (right)

Introverts are not shy, we just don't feed off social energy the way extroverts do. ⚡️

This doesn't mean we're not great to converse with. 🗣

We are.

And here is why: 👇

Introverts don't enjoy small talk. 😰

We speak less, but say more. 😌

We’re great listeners.👂

Because of this, we're able to have more meaningful conversations and can connect with others on a much deeper level; we are able to make deeper connections.

So, if you've been telling yourself that you don't do well at social gatherings because you're an introvert, think again! 👀

Leverage your natural strengths and build your network and career! 🔥

What are your thoughts on this? 🤔

Let me know below!👇🏽


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