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Here's ONE Secret a $300 Million CEO Wants You To Know

I had the good fortune of spending time with MacDonald-Miller CEO, Gus Simonds. We talked about his upbringing and key setbacks he had to overcome to go from being "just a sales rep" to becoming the CEO of a $300+ Million company.

Here is ONE important takeaway from my conversation with Gus:

Always think 5 years out.

That's right!

Gus advises to constantly be thinking 5 years out. He feels that many people get impatient and chase short term fulfillment. For young folks reading this, when given a choice or decision, Gus explains that you should take a moment and think about how this particular decision will affect the next 5 years of your life. What "doors" or opportunities will it open? What direction will it lead you in? Is it what you envisioned in your long term plan? This is very important to think about. As Gus mentions, each door you look out from, will present you 3 more doors or opportunities. And the more doors you go through, the harder the choices are.

So, the next time you're presented with a promotion, pay raise, or entirely new job at a different company, think twice! Please do not think short term (pay raise, title, etc). Instead, take a step back and think 5 years out and determine whether or not that next opportunity aligns with your long term goals. With that said...

Do you tend to think and plan short term? 🤔


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