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How To Connect with ANYONE Using The Ben Franklin Trick

Effective communication skills are an important part of any relationship.

And the better you are at building trust, the stronger the connection with others will be.

There are many ways we can build rapport with others; by connecting through shared experiences, views, and even sense of humor.

But what should you do if you're struggling to "hit it off" with someone?

This week, I want to share a trick I learned recently that will help you connect with others very quickly.

It's called the Benjamin Franklin effect.

The Ben Franklin effect is a cognitive bias that causes people to like someone more after they do that person a favor, especially if they previously disliked that person or felt neutral toward them.

Here’s how it works:👇

1) You ask someone you want to win over to do you a favor. 🗣

2) They do it. 🙏🏼

3) Their mind tries to justify their action. 🧠

4) It concludes that you’re a positive person and that they must like you if they did you a favor. 🤗

Thoughts? Have you tried it before? How do you build rapport quickly? 🤔


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