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Reebok Founder: Money Can Buy Happiness, Here's How

Joe Foster, Founder of Reebok

We all know the adage "money can't buy happiness." 🙄

But it's one that some people live by and others ignore. 👀

This week, I had the honor of chatting with the founder of Reebok, Joe Foster. 👟

Here are his thoughts on this debate... 👇

"Money can buy a lot of things, but I think happiness is people. It's all about sharing moments with others." 👯‍♀️

I've come to realize that it's not how much wealth you amass or the materialistic items you have that dictate your happiness, but the memories you create with the ones you love that lead to a happier life.

Cherish memories over things. 💭

Agree? Let me know your thoughts below! 👇

👉 Listen to episode #17 here:


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