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Why MOD Pizza Loves Hiring Criminals 🍕

MOD Pizza founders, Scott and Ally Svenson

This couple disrupted the pizza industry...

By hiring convicted felons!

In a world where people judge you for the color of your skin, the college you went to, and the clothes you wear.

It’s hard to imagine a company that welcomes convicted felons with open arms!

But Scott and Ally Svenson are not your typical entrepreneurs.

In 1995, they both quit their corporate jobs to open the Seattle Coffee Company in London.

In just three years...

They sold it to Starbucks for $90 MILLION!

But once you get bitten by the entrepreneur bug, no vaccine can save you.

They jumped back into retail, but this time with the purpose of making a social impact.

MOD Pizza was born in 2008, and today it’s the fastest growing restaurant chain in the U.S. with plans of going public this year!

This goes to show that if a business can make millions by not judging others...

Imagine how much more successful you could be if you do the same!


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