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Billionaire Square Co-founder Reveals Biggest Lesson From Mom!

Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Square, Jim McKelvey

Fear is an emotion that you will feel as an entrepreneur. 😬

And it will make you feel really uncomfortable. 😰

Make it hard to think about anything else, if you allow it to. 😕

My recent guest, Serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Square, Jim McKelvey, credits a lot of his success to facing his fears. 💪

And it was something he learned from his late mom! 👩‍👦

“You’re going to be afraid. But you can still function even when you’re afraid.” 🔥

This has helped Jim in the early days of Square when they were breaking 17 laws and again when Amazon copied their product and undercut their prices. 😱

Without this lesson, Square wouldn’t exist 🦖

Thoughts? What is the BIGGEST lesson your mom has taught you? 🤔

👉Watch or listen to episode #09 here:


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