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CUT Founder on How to Raise Your Standards & Upgrade Your Life

Michael Gaston, Founder of popular website

We all know how to handle a failure 😰

Learn from the mistake 📝

Get back up🧍‍♂️

And get after it 🏃

But how should we handle a "win"? 🤔

Do nothing? 👎🏼

Unless you enjoy being stagnant, you want MORE! 📈

Let’s face it, life without a challenge is boring! 😐

Because without failure, there wouldn’t be anything to look forward to 🏆

So, what should one do? 🤔

Here’s how my recent guest and Founder of, Michael Gaston, handles a win and raises the bar even higher! 🔥

👉 Listen to episode #05 here:

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