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Heather Monahan on How To Discover Your Path in Life

Founder of Boss In Heels, Heather Monahan

Intrapreneur or entrepreneur? 🤯

Work your way up the corporate ladder & become a C-level or start your own business? 🪜

This question has probably crossed your mind at some point in your career 💼

Having worked her way up to the CRO position at a 1000+ person company, my recent guest and Founder of Boss In Heels, Heather Monahan, shares how you can discover which path is right for you! 👇🏼

1) Take ACTION! You won’t figure it out by sitting down and thinking about it! 🎬

2) Start journaling! Look for patterns and notice when and where you’re happy! 📝

3) Use the weekends to work on a side hustle! 🧪

4) Listen to your inner voice… what is it telling you? 🧘

Thoughts? 🤔

👉Listen to episode #06 here:


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