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How Lionel Messi Became A Legend!

How did the SMALLEST boy achieve his BIGGEST dreams?

Before becoming arguably the greatest soccer player in the world, winning the FIFA ballon d'or 6 times 🏆

Before becoming an Olympic gold medalist 🥇

And before having a net worth in the hundreds of millions 💰

Lionel Messi came from humble beginnings 🌱

He grew up in a working-class family in Argentina, where his dad worked as a factory steel worker, and his mom a cleaner. 🧽

Inspired by his late Grandma, Leo developed a passion for Soccer at the age of 5 and joined a local club, where he was coached by his dad. ⚽️

The kid became obsessed with the sport and practiced day in and day out, and even skipped hanging with his friends to train.

Things were going well until the age of 10, when his grandma passed.

Leo got depressed and stopped playing for weeks until his dad finally convinced him to play again.

When things couldn’t seem to get worse, a year later he was diagnosed with a severe growth hormone deficiency and his family couldn’t afford to treat him.

As a result, he stopped growing and many teams passed up on him and he felt excluded by the other kids because of his size.

And just when he was losing hope…

F.C. Barcelona discovered him and gave him a chance.

Leo’s dad agreed for his son to relocate to Barcelona and play for the club under one condition: that they fund his treatment.

They agreed, and Messi emerged as one of the top goal scorers in the world and celebrates each goal by raising two fingers to the sky as a tribute to his grandma!

This serves as a great reminder to never give up on your dreams despite the cards you’ve been dealt in life! 🔥

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