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How To Deal with Doubters and Loved Ones Who Don’t Support You!

CEO of YAP Media, Hala Taha

Naysayers will ALWAYS point out what will go wrong with your idea. 🛑

They'll tell you every possible reason why you SHOULDN’T take action. 🙅‍♂️

While it’s important to be open minded and take their feedback, it’s more important to not let them discourage you from taking any action at all. 🎬

When I first told "friends" I wanted to start a podcast and build a community for developing leaders, they told me everything that could go wrong. 😞

How it would be near impossible to get time on CEOs calendar. 📆

How I didn’t know ANYTHING about audio, cameras, editing, etc. 🎥

How I was crazy to quit my day job to fully commit. 🤪

And much more. 📄

While it has been A LOT of work, it has been SO fulfilling! 🤩

My recent guest, Host of Young and Profiting podcast, Hala Taha, had a similar experience.

From growing up as the black sheep of the family, to being black balled by radio and almost giving up on her dreams, Hala's journey has been FILLED with doubts and doubters. 🙁

Fortunately for her, she didn't hand them the controller to her dreams. 🕹

Today, her podcast has MILLIONS of downloads and frequently ranks as a #1 Education podcast across all apps. 🎤

She also went on to found a successful podcast marketing agency in YAP Media, which is projected to generate over $1M in revenue in it's first year! 📈

So, if you're not pursuing your dreams because people around you are discouraging you, here's the idea... 💬

Understand that they're projecting their own insecurities on you, get started anyway, learn along the way, and let your actions speak for you! 🗣

👉 Listen to episode #16 here:


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