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How To Stop Being Complacent in Your Life!

Jonathan Javier, Founder & CEO of Wonsulting

Feeling stuck or stagnant in your career? 🤔

Lacking ambition? 🥱

Playing it safe? 😷

It may be time to change your circle of friends. ⭕️

While hard, it’s extremely important in order to get to the next level. 📈

Only friends with more to give can lift you up and help you grow. 🌱

And by “more” I’m not referring to money. 🙅‍♂️

Instead, I’m referring to those who will help keep you on track & want what’s best for you. 🌙

They see your potential and lift you up. 🆙

My recent guest, Jonathan Javier, credits a lot of his success to surrounding himself with those who constantly challenge and push him to reach his potential!

“True friends give you constructive feedback in regards to what you can do better. They’ll push you to do your best!” 🔥

👉 Listen to episode #12 here:


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