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Journalist Noor Tagouri: Replace This Word and Transform Your Message!

Award-winning Journalist, Noor Tagouri

A few weeks ago, I had the good fortune of sitting down with Noor Tagouri. Noor is an award-winning journalist, producer, activist, and motivational speaker.

At just 27 years old, she’s amassed over 2 million social media followers and has been featured in Vogue, GQ, Forbes, and many other publications! We talked about her journey from hiding her identity and being embarrassed to admit she knows Arabic, to becoming America's first hijabi news anchor!

While our conversation was jam packed, I want to share my favorite takeaway with you because I believe it will help you personally and professionally.

Here is my favorite takeaway from our conversation:

Don't waste your words!

As we know, words have a huge effect on how we interact with others and how decisions are made.

They move people.

And can either inspire or deter others.

For example, can you spot the difference between these two sentences? 👇

"I understand Liam but I think that won't work" 🤔

"I understand Liam and I think that won't work" 🧐

Pretty easy to spot, right?

The first one uses the word "BUT" 👀

It makes it seem like you're dismissing Liam’s idea & you're not open to it 👎🏼

In fact, as soon as he hears "but" he will subconsciously tune out everything you're saying.

On the other hand, by using "and" as we did in the second sentence, you're softening your objection.

It's more likely Liam will gloss over "and" than "but" as the word "but" triggers a negative emotion.

Using "and" will give the person you're communicating with a feeling of cooperativeness and open mindedness.

Noor realizes this and understands the power this ONE word has, and how it can transform our message!

“I replace “BUT” with “AND” so I can continue a thought instead of negating the last one." 🔥

Thoughts? Do you use "but" more than you should? 🤔

👉 Listen to episode #14 here:


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