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Manny Khoshbin - From HOMELESS to $250 MILLION Real Estate Mogul!

1984: Manny Khoshbin & his family flee Iran due to the war & come to the US with absolutely nothing. The 6 of them are homeless & live in a Datsun station wagon 🚘 Age 14: Manny & his brother take furniture people are throwing away & sell them at a local swap meet to financially assist their family. Age 16: Manny gets his first job working at Kmart, earning just $3.15/hr❗️ Age 18: Launches his first business, selling nuts door to door but is soon shut down by a health inspector 👨🏻‍⚕️ Age 19: Puts a deposit to buy a gas station using all of his savings. Unfortunately, the guy dealing the loan is a con artist & Manny loses all of his money 😔 After getting scammed, he gets a 9-5 job ⏰ Age 21: Launches mortgage company with a friend. Within the first year, he makes nearly $300,000! Things are going well, so he launches a supermarket 🏬 Soon, a much larger supermarket franchise opens a branch next door & puts him out 😫 He's left with $180,000 in his savings & puts it all into the stock market. In just 1 year, he TRIPLES his money! 💰 He then uses this money to start flipping real estate properties... Today, Manny is a real estate mogul & has an estimated net worth of $250 million! The motto he lives by? Never give up! 🔥


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