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Papi Yerr on Why Some People Will NEVER Succeed!

Multi-Platinum Music Producer & Artist, Papi Yerr

You are hardwired to want things… NOW! 😡

And with today’s technology, it makes it easy to get access to pretty much anything INSTANTLY. 📲

Unfortunately, we forget our goals don’t work that way. 🚫

They can take YEARS to manifest. 🤯

My recent guest, Multi-Platinum Music Producer & Artist, Papi Yerr, credits his success to being aggressively patient. ⏳

From growing up in poverty, to being homeless at one point, to producing #1 Billboard hits for Chris Brown, T-Pain, and Tory Lanez, Papi Yerr's journey has been a 15 YEAR overnight success! 🤩

When asked, "why most people don't succeed?"

Papi Yerr says, “we live in a microwave society and technology has allowed us to think that we can expedite things that CAN’T be expedited. If you look at the people who are at the TOP, their journey wasn’t expedited!” 👀

Let’s keep this in mind as we’re chipping away at our goals. 🎯

Work hard and trust the process. 🔥

👉 Listen to episode #15 here:


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