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You Can't Please Everyone, Says Redfin CEO​

I had the good fortune of sitting down with REDFIN CEO, Glenn Kelman to hear about his personal journey. Glenn shared some personal stories about his upbringing and some defining moments that eventually led him to become the wise businessman he is today.

Here are my 3 key takeaways from our conversation with Glenn.   

1) You can't please everyone! 

Though growing up in a loving family, Glenn knew he was a bit different than the rest of the crowd. Growing up with a twin brother, who constantly competed with him, and an older brother who seemed to find himself getting into trouble and even making the news, Glenn knew he was a bit different and would have a hard time "fitting in" with the rest of the kids at school. At this time, he understood that there was no point in worrying about others' opinions. In fact, he mentions that if he did worry about what others thought about him, he wouldn’t have "survived". He had to be himself.

Are you CONSTANTLY trying to please everyone?

2) Entitlement is the enemy 

Attending Interlake High School, which was full of kids that came from upper-class families, was not easy. Glenn came from a middle-class family and was by no means fed with a silver spoon. He shared the most beat up car in his high school's parking lot with his twin brother and again felt pressure as he was not one of the rich kids in school. Looking back now, he believes it was an incredible gift because that was one of the life changing moment in his life where he decided he was going to outwork and out-hustle everyone else. Instead of dwelling on his situation, he made no excuses and made it happen. This shaped him to be the humble, successful man he is today. 

Are you feeling entitled and making excuses? 

3) Don’t settle for the status quo 

Finally, when Glenn was a young adult, he felt a sense of urgency to figure out what his true purpose and passion was. With that, he felt a little pressured because he didn’t have it figured out. If you're in that position now, where you recently graduated college and maybe even have a job but still have a feeling of uncertainty on which direction you want to take in life, you're not alone! Glenn advises that you experiment different things until you find what you're truly passionate about. And never think it's too late for a career change.

If you're not happy with your career or life, make a change! Be confident. Don’t settle for the status quo. Set high standards for yourself in all aspects of your life. Whether that's who you befriend, the job offer you accept, your financial goals, etc. Literally, what is the worst thing that could happen if you set your goals so high? Nothing! I promise you will achieve more when you set a high target than you would setting "realistic" goals. Surround yourself with those that want you to win as much as they do for themselves, and that hold you to a higher standard. We all set goals for ourselves, so why not exaggerate them a bit and win more? 

Are you setting yourself to a higher standard?


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